Stay safe and healthy in the post COVID-19 era

As we are getting ready to return to work we will be facing widespread consumer concerns about the hygiene of living and working spaces. For that reason, we have prepared this news to inform on how to employ effective cleaning solutions and safeguard hygiene and health in the post COVID-19 era.

The COVID-19 cleaning guide

Clean, hygienic and safe living and working environments will take on a new dimension in the post-pandemic era. Click here to download our special COVID-19 cleaning guide with guidelines on effective cleaning with soap, alcohol and bleach, including a chart of all Crevin fabrics.

Efficiency®, now more than ever

Efficiency is Crevin’s easy care brand created for peace-of-mind and healthful spaces. Viruses and bacteria are easily removed from Efficiency fabrics using a simple water-soap solution. The protection of Efficiency is safe and permanent. For more information click here.

LIBRA, the fabric that can be cleaned by bleach

Bleach is an effective disinfectant and loyal ally in our combat against the coronavirus. Our recommendation for a lasting safety in our post-pandemic lives is LIBRA. Beyond bleach-cleanability, LIBRA offers impeccable performance, hypoallergenic properties and easy care. For more information click here.

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