We are a 50 year old brand of premium upholstery fabrics driven by sustainability and design. We exclusively develop, weave, dye, and finish in our own mill in Terrassa, a city with a long textile tradition close to Barcelona. Made from custom-spun yarns and recycled materials, our fabrics are defined by a distinctive aesthetic and a fresh take on contemporary design. Our core belief starts with the idea that Decoration Is Home, regardless we consider residential, contract or outdoor spaces. Always deepening the essence of what is a good fabric, our creations are conceived from local heritage and sustainable innovation, shaping the interiors of the future.


Mission, Vision and Values

Mission is to design and manufacture sustainably, managing the value chain, to offer unique fabrics to our customers, turning furniture into pieces of value, well-being and lasting over time.

Our Vision is to be a leading global brand providing value through our product, as well as for our stakeholders through good practices in energizing the value chain and the positive impact on society.

Our Values:


We act responsibly with our environment: company, society, economy and sustainability. Our goal is to do things well.

Design and innovation

It is our driving force to continue moving forward and become a global leader with our product.

Team spirit

We are proud to be part of a people-oriented team that promotes valuable, inclusive and lasting relationships.


We promote creativity, innovation and a proactive attitude as a formula to anticipate and provide solutions to the challenges in our environment.


We are part of a textile community with more than 150 years of history inspired by the Mediterranean culture.