A positive change towards making textiles

At Crevin we believe that good design should be in harmony with the environment. That is why recycling is at the heart of our creative process. We convert 100% of our textile waste into yarn that we use together with recycled cotton and pet bottles to construct the back-weaves of our fabrics. Today, all Crevin designs feature up to 50% recycled content.

Zero-waste fabrics

Every year our mill produces tons of waste through the many processes involved in vertical textile manufacturing. Using a closed loop process, all leftovers are collected and converted into yarn that we reuse for new fabric. In this way no waste is generated. For more information click here.

Sustainability by design

Crevin fabrics are double-woven in order to maximize their durability. A double-woven fabric has two layers instead of one. All back-weaves of Crevin fabrics now consist of 100% recycled content. For more information click here.

Meet our future consumer

More and more consumers wish to make sustainable purchase decisions. They want to see what difference they can make and want facts rather than “stories”. That is why we want to share information to make our customers’ end-products more transparent and sustainable. For more information click here.

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