Away from disposability

As weavers we believe that fabrics can only be beautiful if the processes used to create them preserve the integrity of people and the environment. For that reason, we use a design language that is conceived around longevity, resource-friendliness, recycling and zero-waste. We weave our fabrics in solid, two-layered structures, which does not only enhance their durability but also allows us to make back-weaves out of 100% recycled yarn. Under the OEKO-TEX 100 standard we certify our fabrics to offer end-users the highest level of safety. We manufacture under ISO 14001, the environmental management system that commits to maximizing resource efficiency and pollution control, and our production is free from waste. Using a closed-loop process, we collect all our textile waste and send it to a local spinner that turns it into yarn. This yarn is reused for our fabrics. In this way every bit of textile waste is absorbed back into our manufacturing and no waste is generated.

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Leave this world a little better than you found it- Robert Baden Powell

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