The art of living well

Efficiency® is Crevin’s functional design brand that unites easy clean with performance and sustainability. Thanks to their high level of utility, Efficiency® fabrics guarantee untroubled, sustainable living, even in the most dynamic and demanding environments.


Easy Clean

Efficiency® fabrics possess an excellent cleaning quality that will keep upholstered furniture looking beautiful for years of enjoyment. 

· Easy removal of household stains
· Machine-washable
· Lifelong protection against soiling


Efficiency® fabrics are designed for maximum utility and longevity, bringing peace-of-mind to the most active end-users.   

· Double-weave construction
· Premium raw materials
· Long-lasting colours


Efficiency® promotes mindful consumption and offers a positive outlook on a more sustainable future.

· 100% local production
· Natural resource-friendly
· Full recycling of industrial waste


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