A Family of Textures
Experiencing texture speaks deeply to our senses. We know how grains of sand run through our hands, how walking on rocks feels on the soles of our feet, and how clay caresses our skin. It starts with touch, and then other senses awaken. You remember the smell of the sea, the sound of moving stones.

Crevin’s new textures mimic nature to clad the home and office space with elegant warmth and comfort. The nervous system relaxes while the body is supported by the soft touch of thick, durable textiles produced from recyclable materials. So lean back and enjoy. This is what functional design means to us.

What turns a beautiful product into a necessary basic? It has to be uncomplicated to use, easily paired with other objects, have a long lifespan and bring small amounts of continuous joy. That’s Sorra. The unique texture reminds us of nature, grains of sand and tactile pleasure. It’s the return of old-school craftsmanship, handmade (im)perfection and heavy, honest textures.

Finally, a different texture. Grainy, rich, and authentic. Mimicking the soft touch of clay and the organic shapes of stone sediments, Granit brings back high-quality craftsmanship while setting new standards in sustainability. Granulated patterns emerge elegantly from 90% recycled fibres. This is how aesthetics and functionality are conceived together.

Discover Granit & Sorra: